Aspiring to enhance lives and encourage empathy through music and performance




25 March, 9pm

The Plague (part of Sprint Festival 2020)

Location: Camden People's Theatre.


28 May, 9pm

Notes on a Love Affair (part of CALM DOWN DEAR 2020)

Location: Camden People's Theatre




Notes from Underground is a genre-fusion musical project.  Drawing influences from symphonic movements, jazz greats, folkloric griots, classic literature and physical theatre, they combine contemporary classical with borderline jazz and new world over hip hop breaks and Afro-Brazilian rhythms.

With the greatest of respect to the awe-inspiring people who have paved the way before them they devise structured methods of composition, embracing designs that have come before them but using the freedom to smash the rules when necessary to attempt to revitalise the standard into a dishevelled but coherent form of expression.

Their aim is to push the boundaries of musical and artistic presentation and embrace the complex spectrum of human experience whilst integrating elements of movement and sometimes storytelling into their projects.  They aim to engage thoughtfully and captivate emotionally, whilst encouraging empathy.  Expect driving beats, exquisite melodies and intoxicating live shows!

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Notes from Underground - Trailer for The Plague

Notes from Underground - Trailer for The Plague

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Notes from Underground - Saude/ East of Eden medley

Notes from Underground - Saude/ East of Eden medley

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Notes from Underground - East of Eden

Notes from Underground - East of Eden

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Notes from Underground - The Court of Agamemnon

Notes from Underground - The Court of Agamemnon

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Find out more about Notes from Underground's upcoming gigs and latest releases; book us for a living room gig, festival or event or just drop us a line to say 'hey...'  We'd love to hear from you!

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It told dramatic tales of life, sadness and pleasure.

Fiona McGarry, Hastings Independent Press

I've seen very few acts that impressed me so much and so immediately as Notes from Underground.  Their virtuosity and stage presence is second to none.  I would book them anytime, again and again!

Polo Piatti, composer and director, Opus Theatre

Notes from Underground are absolutely stunning, incredible musicians.  They manage to occupy a really unusual musical space, in that their sound is haunting, eerie and beautiful but also uplifting, soul-swelling and powerful.  Watching the crowds as they played, you could see people with eyes half shut, transported to somewhere else, in a blissful reverie, but also see people pumping their fists to the sky, dancing like they were at a rave.  The violin and drums are so expertly fused that melody and percussion don't seem like two separate things but one beautiful being!  It's quite something to see two such skilled performers play such technically brilliant, but engaging, absorbing pieces.  I would recommend them to anyone looking for an absolute smasher of an act.

Emma Joliffe, The Whole Shebang

A powerful spring glistening in the morning sun; the rhythms of its overflowing streams follow the mountainous melodic landscape through cities, people and countries, to the uncertain depths ahead.  If you listen closely and carefully, you can hear the Notes from Underground

Otti Albietz, Pluralbaby Minizine

Notes from Underground killed it with their combination of drums and violin.  I was absolutely mesmerised throughout their set!

Luther Towart, Slam Dunk





Yoon-ji Kim has worked as a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, performer and composer in a variety of projects, ranging in style from contemporary classical and Latin jazz to experimental world and psychedelic soul as well as radical physical theatre and immersive musicals.


She is interested in new forms of art that push the boundaries of what is expected, in genre, structure or performance, and fuse intricate techniques with emotional vulnerability and intellectual curiosity.

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A native of New Zealand, Evan Jenkins studied at the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts (Edith Cowen University), moving to London in 1994.  He's been playing the drum kit since the age of eleven and hasn't really done anything else since.

He is currently touring and recording with Ben Watt (Everything but the Girl), Seth Lakeman, Matt Schofield and the Neil Cowley Trio.  He has played with artists including Eric Clapton, Tom Jones, Van Morrison, Mick Jagger, Robben Ford and Ronnie Scott.

He is an A grade Zildjian endorsee and uses Zildjian sticks.